Bunker Boys Series Hosts and Guests

This is a combined effort including great support from our creative team of Bunker Boys cast and Producers. All of these people are key to the success of this project; their input, knowledge, and feedback is critical to our mission. Use the links below each cast member to connect with them.

Tony Cisneros
Series Host / Executive Producer (USA)

Referred to by some as a "walking encyclopedia" and the "human history channel," American Tony Cisneros has been guiding groups to World War II sites throughout Europe and Russia for 25 years. Tony was an official tour guide at the infamous Eagle's Nest near Berchtesgaden, Bavaria for three years; during which, he conducted VIP tours in both english and german for many well-known clients including the National Broadcasting Company (NBC), SKY Network, a handful of U.S. Senators, Senior Army Officials, members of the Young Presidents Organization, and United States Military Academy at West Point. Tony has been featured in broadcast media / television such as Travel Channel, NBC, SkyNews, Kindling Group, and Schweizer Fernsehen (Swiss TV). For more about Tony, visit his website at Alpventures.com

Reg Jans
Series Co-Host / Executive Producer (BELGIUM)

A true historian, Reg Jans is a collector of information, constantly striving to build and archive the giant puzzle left behind after World War II. Reg's deep passion for WWII began as a boy after talking to his grandfather (who was wounded in 1940 while fighting in France with the Belgian Army; and watching footage of the D-Day landings, parachute drops over the Netherlands, and snow-covered foxholes in the Ardennes. Although for the last twenty years Reg has been guiding all over the European WWII Battlefields, he has become better-known for his distinguished research on the Battle of the Bulge. He has been acknowledged in many books by leading historians; and he's walked the battlefield with over a dozen "Easy Company" men (Band of Brothers). Reg operates Battlefield Experience, as well as World War Media. For more about Reg, visit his website at Regjans.com

Paul Woodadge
Series Guest / Executive Producer (NORMANDY)

Since the 1980's, Paul Woodadge has been a regular visitor to the D-Day beaches and battlefields; having been told accounts of the invasion by his Great Uncle Cyril Rand who landed on Sword Beach on D-Day, June 6, 1944 as an officer in the Royal Ulster Rifles. Since becoming established in Normandy, Paul was fortunate to become internationally regarded as both an exceptional Battlefield Guide, and a "Friend of WWII Veterans." His years of experience and dedication to preserving history has made him the "go-to-guy" for many organizations, authors, and other historians around the world. He has been acknowledged in many books by leading historians; and also authored his own book, "Angels of Mercy" in 2013. Paul is a filmmaker, author, lecturer, blogger, and consultant for tv and film. For more about Paul, visit his websites WW2TV.com and ddayhistorian.com 

Roland Gaul
Series Guest / Executive Producer (LUXEMBOURG)

In 1982 Roland Gaul founded the Diekirch Historical Society and the Diekirch Historical Museum, which eleven years later became the National Museum of Military History. Roland is a scholar, lecturer, historian, author and co-author of several books and battlefield guide for "Battle of the Bulge" sites in Luxembourg. He has over 25 years experience as a guide for international audiences, and he is very articulate in English, German, and French languages. His extensive knowledge of the "Bulge" in Luxembourg and the Southern Flank is profound, detailed, and based on countless interviews he made with American and German veterans, as well as with Luxembourg and Belgian witnesses. For more about Roland, visit his website at Gauls-Legacy-Tours.com

David Harper
Series Guest / Executive Producer (BAVARIA)

Growing up in the heart of a multilingual family, David Harper was bilingual at an early age and his school years were spent both in France and the United States where his studies focused mainly on music, acting and philosophy. Always eager to adapt to new situations he has gained experience in many professional fields: as translator, stonemason, farmer, lecturer, writer, pop singer and language teacher. In 1986 David began working as a tour guide in Berchtesgaden, Germany, and started a sightseeing company there with his wife Christine in 1990. Author of "Your Complete Guide to Berchtesgaden", his research has focused on the fascinating history of this well-known region and, above all, on the major importance of Hitler's headquarters on the Obersalzberg / Kehlstein mountains. For more about David, visit his website at Eagles-Nest-Tours.com

Meet our Special Guests

We are honored to have the following very special guests appear on episodes of The Bunker Boys Show. Please visit their websites for more information, and follow them on social media.

"Winstan" Churchill
Stan Streather (UK)

Stan is a perfect Gentleman, and an absolute pleasure to work with. His likeness in looks, mannerisms and speech make him the most convincing tribute around today. He is fun, easy to work with and brings his character brilliantly to life, entertaining guests in any situation. Based in London, near to Heathrow, he is available for appearances globally. He is happy to tailor any appearances, speeches etc to meet your specific requirements and always enjoys working alongside other entertainers and performers. Appearances are tailored to your event or function actual fees will vary based on the duration, time and location of your event. So please get in touch to discuss your requirements, without obligation.

The Swing Dolls
Andrea, Kara, and Samantha

The Swing Dolls are a dynamic female vocal trio that has been thrilling audiences nationwide for over 10 years. As America's premier Tribute to The Andrews Sisters, they have garnered appearances on television’s "Gilmore Girls" and "Your Big Break", and their vocals can be heard on the Fiat 500L commercial, "Wedding". They frequently perform for major corporate and private events throughout the US. Their countless featured appearances include: Comicon 2016 in San Diego, The Kennedy Center with The Los Angeles Police Department Concert Band, The USS Missouri in Pearl Harbor, HBO's "Band of Brothers" Gala, Reunion of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League with Director Penny Marshall and Cast of "A League of Their Own", for Bob Hope's 100th Birthday celebration, as featured Guest Artists with Harry James Orchestra in Seattle, Pasadena Pops Orchestra, and numerous performances for patriotic themed shows for townships, military bases, and aboard the USS Midway in San Diego. Learn more and find booking details on their website.

CPT Dale A. Dye, USMC (Ret.)
Military Advisor / Actor

Captain Dale A. Dye, USMC (Ret) came to Hollywood with a vision. He had a single mission in mind… to change how American civilians view the common grunt. Having been around infantrymen all his life and having been one himself, he knew that the majority are intelligent, creative, and full of heart… and the image of the dumb cannon-fodder blindly following orders not only was not true… but was a grave disservice to those brave servicemen who had risked and often gave their lives so that our nation could survive and prosper. So he looked for the best medium available to reach the hearts and minds of the public, and chose the film and television industry to spread his message. Over the last three decades, Captain Dye and his Cadre at Warriors Inc. have been involved in 50 different movie, television, and other entertainment industry projects. Learn more about Captain Dye, Warriors Inc., and his publishing company, Warriors Publishing at his websites.

T. Burke / Facebook

"Tony is the perfect host- eloquently guiding the historical discussions with special guest stars, all while bringing the viewers back to history's purpose in educating us..."